Kauai is lush, green, and offers the best shave ice we’ve ever had!

Going to Kauai is kind of like going to Costa Rica but you don’t need a passport (or to brush up on your espanol). The north shore scenery makes you feel like you’re in the South Pacific or the set of a Pirates of the Caribbean movie. In fact, you can zipline in the same area where several movies have been filmed including Jurassic Park and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

If you want to see monkeys go to Costa Rica. If the thought of waiting in a Customs line gives you a headache, then go to Kauai!

north shore kauai beach

Why we love Kauai:

  • The scenery is heavenly, just like a postcard.
  • Fun zipline with final destination of a zip and drop into a lagoon.
  • Kauai is great for beach hopping. If it starts to rain in one area just pack up your stuff and drive 15 minutes down the road and you’re good to go.
  • Calm waters are good for kids.
  • It’s not as built up as many other popular destinations. You can definitely find rustic seclusion and get off the grid here.

Things to do:

  • Zipline
  • Beach hopping
  • Experience a luau
  • Play the ukulele and chill
  • Snorkel with some sea turtles


  • Puka Dogs even if you’re not a big hot dog fan
  • Uncles Shave Ice


  • If you’re looking for incredible pools that your kids will talk about for years then you must stay at the Grand Hyatt, which also has its own salt water lagoon.
beach in kauai

Extra Tips:

  • Rent a Jeep because it’s fun!
  • Eat as much shave ice as you can because there is no better place for it than Kauai
  • Spend a day (or more) exploring the north shore. It’s rainier in the north so start early in the morning and work your way back to Poipu.
sea turtle resting on beach
boy jumping into lagoon
hawaiian monk seal on beach