Open your eyes. Look within. Are you satisfied with the life your living?

Bob Marley

Sometimes when you suggest to folks that they be grateful for what they have, they assume that means they shouldn’t want more for themselves. Like your diet and your vices, Contentment just requires a little balance. It’s important to appreciate what you have, the journey you’ve taken to arrive where you are presently, all the mistakes that you’ve learned from, and all the great experiences and memories you’ve created. And it’s also okay to want more! We’re not talking about a fancier car or a closet full of shoes, but just to continue pushing yourself and your potential to continually find that awesome feeling of fulfillment.

Be Grateful Not Guilty

Some people may try to make you feel guilty for wanting a new car but no one ever (hopefully) suggested that you should feel guilty for wanting more fulfillment, more mindfulness or more happiness in your daily life. Be aware and grateful for the opportunities in your life and for having the awareness of wanting to move forward on your journey with an unwavering consciousness.

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

Suzy Kassem

Relax – Contentment Takes Practice

Sometimes we get stuck in the wanting mode and forget to relax. It takes mindful practice to bring the pendulum back to a balanced position. Set aside a few minutes each day to recognize your struggles or your complaints and then actively let them go. Relax and Release. Then recognize all the little things you appreciate. Smile and Relax.

Mindfulness Activities

If you’re looking for ways to encourage gratitude, positivity and relaxation be sure to check out our Inhale Exhale Mindfulness Cards on our Etsy shop. The set includes 150 cards with inspiring messages to encourage mindfulness and reflection; to focus on positive energy and intentions; and to inspire you to let go of what isn’t serving you or isn’t helping you move forward on this journey. They are great for:

  • yoga students
  • lunch box notes
  • care packages
  • creating a positive culture in your home or office