We talk a lot about chasing stuff. Everyone has different ideas and passions; some people sing, some paint, some still watch golf on TV, and some appreciate all of the small things like the smell of fresh squeezed citrus. Chasing Zing looks a little different for everyone. Two mountain bikers riding the same trail have different experiences, hit different jumps and lines, but both riders are smiling wide!

What is Zing?

It’s a quality that makes something exciting or interesting. It’s drive, energy, enthusiasm, life, pizzazz, punch, sparkle, spirit and zest. So basically it is enthusiasm for life, experiences, and growth.

The Zing Philosophy

We think of living with Zing as expressing kindness & gratitude; spreading inspiration and positive vibes, embracing life experiences with intention and purpose; and reflecting and growing through mindful exploration.

Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.

John Wooden

Chasing Zing: Finding Happiness Through the Journey

When you live with your eyes open, awake and aware; when you look for the good and recognize the opportunities big or small right in front of you; and commit yourself to your pursuits and spreading positive energy…you are chasing and living with Zing. If we think of Happiness as the result of living with intention and optimism, then Chasing Zing is all the ways we go about creating the journey. And making ourselves and others better people.

chasing zing reflection cards product image

If you’re looking for some ways to add positive vibes to your daily living be sure to check out our Chasing Zing Reflection cards. This bundle includes over 500 questions and prompts to encourage reflection and a positive outlook; to increase gratitude, confidence and self-esteem. They¬†are also great as conversation starters and journal prompts.